with particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants

(rev 1.5 Part B)
Peter Cole - September 1996
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basal (adj)
of, at or forming a base

bicrenate (adj)
crenate with the teeth also crenate

bifurcate (v)
split into two

bilocular (adj)
having two small, independent chambers

Biovularia (g)
a former genus of carnivorous plant from South America currently incorporated in Utricularia

biserrate (adj)
serrate with the teeth also serrate

bladder (n)
a hollow chamber designed for trapping or flotation, notably in bladderworts

bladderwort (n)
any plant of the genus Utricularia

boreal (adj)
a climatic zone bordering the Arctic or Antarctic

botuliform (adj)
sausage shaped; long and cylindrical with each end curved inwards

bract (n)
a modified leaf providing an axil for a flower or inflorescence to grow from, or found on a flowering stem

Brocchinia (g)
a small genus of bromeliads of which two species to date have been found to be carnivorous

bud (n)
a small cell-mass in the process of dividing from a stem to form a flower, leaf or another stem

bullate (adj)
having a pimpled or blistered surface

(c) Peter Cole 1995

I originally wrote much of this file to help me understand many of the terms employed in Danser's Nepenthes monographs and Obermeyer's work on South African Drosera (both on the CP web site.) I have probably missed a few due to the sheer size of the works. If there any words you feel should be included or redefined (not necessarily from Danser or Obermeyer,) feel free to Email me at: