with particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants

(rev 1.5 Part F)
Peter Cole - September 1996
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falcate (adj)
sickle-shaped; curved with parallel edges

family (n)
a group of related genera taxonomically classified within an order

fasciarate (adj)
band-shaped; long and narrow with untapering margins, with a length:breadth ratio of 12+:1

fascicle (adj)
a close cluster of flowers

fenestration (n)
the pattern of translucent spots that occurs on and around the lids of certain pitchers of the genera Cephalotus and Sarracenia

fertile (adj)
capable of engaging in the process of fertilisation

fertilisation (n)
the process of creating a zygote by fusing two gametes, usually accomplished by pollination

ferruginous (adj)
reddish-brown - rust-coloured

-fid (suf)
pointed; lobed, but only narrowly joined in relation to the size of the segments - eg: 2-fid, 3-fid

filament (n)
the part of the stamen that supports the anther; a thread-like structure

filiform (adj)
thread-like; in the form of a filament; coarser than capilliform

fimbriate (adj)
fringed with hairs

fistulous (adj)
cylindrical or terete, hollow and fully enclosed, ie: capped at both ends

flabellate (adj)

flabelliform (adj)

flagelliform (adj)
whip-shaped; most often referring to roots or stems

floccose (adj)
having tufts of fine hair; woolly

floret (n)
each of the small flowers making up a compound flower

foliaceous (adj)
resembling a leaf in texture or form

fulgid (adj)

funaliform (adj)
in the form of rope; composed of rough fibres

fungiform (adj)

fungilliform (adj)

furcate (adj)

fusiform (adj)
spindle-shaped, tapering at both ends

(c) Peter Cole 1995

I originally wrote much of this file to help me understand many of the terms employed in Danser's Nepenthes monographs and Obermeyer's work on South African Drosera (both on the CP web site.) I have probably missed a few due to the sheer size of the works. If there any words you feel should be included or redefined (not necessarily from Danser or Obermeyer,) feel free to Email me at: