with particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants

(rev 1.5 Part I)
Peter Cole - September 1996
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imbricate (adj)
overlapping in a tile-like manner

incised (adj)
appearing regularly slashed

included (adj)
not exserted

incurved (adj)
bent into a curve

indumentum (n)
the surface hairs of a plant or constituent part, especially where dense

inflated (adj)
bladdery; swollen and transparent, or appearing so

inflorescence (n)
the complete flowering head of a plant, often with multiple flowers

infundibular (adj)

infundibuliform (adj)
in the form of a funnel

integument (n)
a natural outer covering; husk or rind

internodal (n)
pertaining to sections of stem between leaves or buds

internode (n)
section of stem between leaves or buds

intricated (adj)
very complicated; tangled

involute (adj)
rolled inwards (usually of leaves)

irregular (adj)
not regular; asymmetrical

(c) Peter Cole 1995

I originally wrote much of this file to help me understand many of the terms employed in Danser's Nepenthes monographs and Obermeyer's work on South African Drosera (both on the CP web site.) I have probably missed a few due to the sheer size of the works. If there any words you feel should be included or redefined (not necessarily from Danser or Obermeyer,) feel free to Email me at: