with particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants

(rev 1.5 Part N)
Peter Cole - September 1996
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napiform (adj)
turnip shaped; a depressed sphere

naviculate (adj)
boat-shaped; concave, tapering at each end and keeled

nectar (n)
a sweet secretion used to attract insects and sometimes other animals, often for pollination or consumption

nectary (n)
a specialized gland producing nectar

Nepenthes (g)
a large genus of over 70 species of usually vine-like carnivorous plant distributed through South East Asia, North Australia and Madagascar, forming urns at the leaf extremities; Asian Pitcher Plant

nephriform (adj)

nervation (n)
the pattern of ribs in a leaf

nerveless (adj)
lacking nervures

nervure (n)
a midrib

nerve (n)
a leaf-rib

noddling (adj)
describing flowers which hang from a stalk, facing downwards - eg: Sarracenia

normal (adj)
typical of its taxon; of features held in common between specimens in the taxon

(c) Peter Cole 1995

I originally wrote much of this file to help me understand many of the terms employed in Danser's Nepenthes monographs and Obermeyer's work on South African Drosera (both on the CP web site.) I have probably missed a few due to the sheer size of the works. If there any words you feel should be included or redefined (not necessarily from Danser or Obermeyer,) feel free to Email me at: