with particular emphasis on terms pertaining to the study of carnivorous plants

(rev 1.5 Part T)
Peter Cole - September 1996
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taeninate (adj)
tapeworm-shaped; long and irregularly contracted

temperate (adj)
a climatic zone between boreal and tropical

tendril (n)
a slender leafless shoot produced by many Nepenthes and other climbing plants as an aid to climbing

tepal (n)
any of the modified leaves making up a perianth

terete (adj)
smooth and rounded; circular, or nearly so, in section but not necessarily cylindrical

terminal (adj)
borne at the end of a stem

terrestrial (adj)
growing in the ground

testicular (adj)
in the form of two oblong bodies

tetrad (n)
a group of four

tomentum (n)
matted wolly threads on the surface of leaves and stems

tomentose (adj)
covered in tomentum

torose (adj)
cylindrical with regular bulges

torulous (adj)
knotted; like moniliform, but with uneven bulges

trap (n)
a plant structure designed to catch and detain animal prey

trapeziform (adj)
in the shape of a four-sided figure with none of the edges being symmetrical

tridentate (adj)
forked into three points

trigger hair (n)
a specialized structure found in the traps of Dionaea and Aldrovanda which causes the trap to activate in response to stimulation

trigonous (adj)
of triangular cross-section; three-cornered

Triphyophyllum (g)
a monotypic genus native to West Africa - a tall woody vine producing carnivorous leaves before flowering or in response to injury

triqueter (adj)

trochlearate (adj)
pulley-shaped; in the form of a pinched circle resembling a figure of eight

tropical (adj)
a climatic zone surrounding the equator

truncate (adj)
(of leaves etc.) cut off at the end; an abrubt termination as if the tip has been cut cleanly off

tubate (adj)

tuber (n)
a modified stem used to store food or water by a plant; the hibernating cell>-mass of certain Australian sundews etc.

tubular (adj)
forming a hollow nearly true cylinder

tubiform (adj)

tubulose (adj)
consisting of, or resemblinng, small tubes

turbinate (adj)
inversely conical with a contraction towards the point

turgid (adj)

turion (n)
a hibernating bud produced by certain aquatic plants from which growth emerges in the following Spring

(c) Peter Cole 1995

I originally wrote much of this file to help me understand many of the terms employed in Danser's Nepenthes monographs and Obermeyer's work on South African Drosera (both on the CP web site.) I have probably missed a few due to the sheer size of the works. If there any words you feel should be included or redefined (not necessarily from Danser or Obermeyer,) feel free to Email me at: